I attended the “power tea” at North Lakes the other day and just wanted to touch base with you to thank you for such a great presentation. Topic was Setting up a Million Dollar Mindset. I originally booked the event as it happened to be on a day that I was available and within commuting distance.

Winning edge Workshop
Jo-Anne Chaplin
Tax & Superannuation Professionals Pty Ltd

Thank you for your superb keynote presentation and information throughout the weekend, it isn’t just listening to you but also having a conversation with you, that is so enjoyable. Mandy Napier presented at a Sunshine Coast Lyoness conference on the topic of mindset and success; how to ensure you are set for success in a network marketing business.

Winning edge Workshop
Karen Neuendorf

Thank you for attending our Connect networking group last Thursday and speaking to our members. Your Money Mindset topic was very relevant and, by the looks of everyone, they were all taking something from your talk.

Winning edge Workshop
Sandra Greacen

I got a lot from your talk. It all made perfect sense and I am now making positive affirmations daily – I am one of those people with a very negative naughty person sitting on my shoulder telling my I am good for nothing so it is a daily challenge – so thanks you so much for that.

Winning edge Workshop
Deb Wheeler

Healthy Mindset? If you are stuck in a rut and don’t know where you are headed then may I suggest that you speak to Mandy. I have had the pleasure of hearing Mandy speak about herself and her business, where she started out and where she is now – how she got there and how easy it is to change your mindset from a negative to a positive.

Winning edge Workshop
Deborah Taylor
Marriage Celebrant

I have attended several of Mandy’s workshops over the years and recently, attended a presentation where she was the keynote speaker. Mandy has a knack of keeping things simple, and knows how to drill down to your key pain points.

Winning edge Workshop
Terese Finegan
Digital Marketing and Communications Officer, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

I have just listened to Mandy, who was the keynote speaker at the Big Breakfast speaking on Thriving in a Busy World. I am very impressed and got a lot out of it for my business ventures in the future. I am hopeful I can make many changes. Thank you very much Mandy.

Winning edge Workshop

I just listened to Mandy Napier at Mindset for Success. Great presentation and one thing I have remembered is to definitely ping my elastic band when my mind goes elsewhere.

Winning edge Workshop
Abbi McCallum
RI Advice

Recently we had our big breakfast and Mandy attended and was our keynote speaker. Mandy spoke on thriving in a busy world and we had quite a lot of business people at the breakfast there to listen to mandy and her great points. What I took out of it was to understand how our lives do get busy and that we need to slow down and take a breath and continue to follow our goals and our dreams by taking our time to get through some of them.

Winning edge Workshop
Kellie Payne
UP Financial Planning

We recently had Mandy Napier speak at our client event at the Big Breakfast in Caloundra. At our business event Mandy spoke about Thriving in a Busy World. It was a great morning and all our clients got something out of it.

Winning edge Workshop
Melissa Austin
Owner, Brilliance for Business