Winning Edge Formula Workshop – Great content and well delivered. This gives me the tools to be a better me for myself and my family.

Winning edge Workshop
Brett Mattsson
Sunshine Coast Real Estate Partners

The Winning Edge Formula Workshop was an excellent seminar. I will recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you Mia Radda

Winning edge Workshop
Mia Radda

Winning Edge Formula Workshop – Mandy Napier has the gift of inspiring others to focus on what’s important to them, and be the best version of themselves they can be. Fantastic workshop. Just the right length.

Winning edge Workshop
Rachael Hall
Red Cross

Winning Edge Formula Workshop – I recently attended Many Napier’s Mindset for Success Winning Edge Workshop. I found her workshop delved deeper into the mind and gave me a greater understanding of my WHY. I discovered why I really want to achieve certain goals and why I still continue with certain behaviours. Mandy is passionate and knowledgeable about the inner workings of the mind and truly wants to help people achieve success. I would highly recommend her workshop to anyone who feels they need more in their life.

Winning edge Workshop
Rochelle Coombs
Steps Charity

Winning Edge Formula Workshop – As always, Mandy delivered a high calibre presentation. The workshop was both inspiring and practical, I came away with some strategies that I’ll start using today to help me achieve my business and personal goals. Highly recommend to all those who realise life is not a dress rehearsal & want to get the most out of their lives.

Winning edge Workshop
Donna Wilkins
Donna Wilkins - PestCare

Winning Edge Formula Workshop – I wasn’t fully committed or clear when I attended this workshop, to be honest, but came away from it invigorated and determined to make some bold moves forward. I think by taking the time to ‘think’ and ‘be in the moment,’ Mandy cleared the cobwebs away and gave me the drive and focus to make some great decisions with confidence. I really would recommend Mindset for Success and Mandy.

Winning edge Workshop
Lee McCarthy
Lee McCarthy - Profile Magazine

Winning Edge Formula Workshop – It always interests me how going through life and in business we meet certain people who have an impact on you. For the last 30 years I have lived and worked around the world and certain people have really impacted my life. Mandy Napier is one of these people. Not only does Mandy teach you how important the mind is on your well being and performance in life but she also gives you the tools and techniques to help you grow a positive mindset – A Mindset for Success. Mandy’s open authentic approach is an inspiration for all and I would encourage you to connect with Mandy if you want to grow as a person and reach your best self.

Winning edge Workshop
Jimmi Bradbury

Winning Edge Formula Workshop – I recently attended a very interactive and informative workshop with Mandy Napier on The Winning Edge Formula. This has given me the tools to use and work more effectively to achieve my goals. Small tasks and challenges on the day made for a bit of fun but with a stronger message on focusing and using our strengths to utilise the Winning Edge Formula. If you get the chance, attend one of Mandy’s sessions I’m sure you, like most, will reap the benefits.

Winning edge Workshop
Michael McFarlane
National Sales Manager Tucan

Thank you! I feel now that I can achieve a small part of the bigger set of goals.

Winning edge Workshop
Nina Shadforth
Public Engagement | Commercial North Coast Central - Ray White

I recently attended Mandy’s workshop, Focus for Results. Spending time on yourself and your business can improve your results. Having Mandy to help teach the way to focus on getting these results will improve your mind and ability to do it. Keeping you on track is also helpful and the key to creating the results you desire. I can highly recommend this workshop. It’s perfect. A morning, great content, sharing and time to implement too. 

Winning edge Workshop
Kellie Payne
Kellie Payne CFP C Dec Principal Adviser UP Financial Planners