When my girlfriend told me she had gone to Mandy 5 years ago to give up smoking and hadn’t touched a cigarette since I couldn’t wait to get Mandy’s details. I was going through a very hard time, depressed and struggling to cope. I often wondered if life was worth living. I was smoking 20 plus cigarettes a day, drinking heavily at night and then trying to look after my 2 boys and my sick mum. I needed help to change my habits to cope and to build my self-confidence so I could focus on a future.

When I met Mandy she provided such a safe nurturing place, she was compassionate and understanding, I felt at ease. This was something that I desperately needed while things were so hard in my life. I felt a great sense of relief, I knew Mandy could help me and my journey had started.

During the first few sessions, Mandy concentrated firstly on building my confidence and self-worth. I learnt that hating myself was ruining my life and alienating me from those who loved me. I was so grateful to have had an empathetic and educated person helping me to better understand my thoughts and feelings.

After only a couple of sessions, I started to feel better as though some weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Mandy then concentrated on building a future focus for me. This seemed quite impossible to me. Ten years ago I had a future mapped out and clear goals established but I lost all that when my husband died, so now it seemed quite daunting. Did I really have to think about the future and set goals! For so long I just put this into the too hard basket.

Mandy was so patient, supportive and encouraging. After a few attempts, I was able to write one page about how I would like to see myself in 12 months time if all the goals I set for the year had been achieved. I wrote about being a non-smoker, being in the right emotional space to meet my future partner, being fit. Totally ambitious and unattainable I thought.

Mandy set about providing the methodologies and tools she thought I required to try and achieve these goals, I didn’t want to feel unhappy anymore, I wanted to change. So without any pressure, Mandy suggested we pick a date in the future when it would be a good time to try and stop smoking. I felt sceptical, worried and nervous about whether I could do it, and even a bit scared of how Mandy went about achieving this.

The journey leading up to this date was fulfilling, rewarding and encouraging, Mandy worked on my self-esteem, confidence, my thoughts and feelings and coping mechanism.

This date came and went and now its 6 months later and I still haven’t had a cigarette, I can’t even imagine picking up a smoke now and going back to the person and lifestyle I had before.

There are no words to express my gratitude to Mandy. My life has changed incredibly, I no longer spend hours smoking and drinking on my deck, I no longer carry around the self-hate. My days are fulfilling, I have the energy and motivation to get things done, enjoy sport and I look better. My skin is glowing and my inner happiness shines through. I still have bad days like everyone but I accept these as part of life. Mandy has taught me a wealth of information to help me better cope and to be the best person I can be…ultimately to be happy.

Thank you, Mandy, for helping me in so many ways. (If you would like to talk to me or ask me any questions, I am happy to do so. I honour my privacy being a private person, so please contact Mandy who will connect you with me!)

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I am a 30-year-old professional female and had smoked on and off for 12 years. Whilst I didn’t smoke what people perceived as a huge amount daily, I still smoked! Despite knowing how bad it was for me, I still relied on those few cigarettes each day. I had tried a few different “medical” options to quit and in some cases tried them multiple times over the years, but nothing stuck! I kept taking it back up. A friend of mine told me about Mandy and how much it helped her to become a non-smoker. So I enquired and worked out the best time for me to have my session. I was sceptical. During my session, I still had my doubts, but Mandy made me feel really comfortable and I was willing to give it a go because I really wanted to QUIT. After my session, I have to admit I felt really relaxed. Smoking crossed my mind but it wasn’t an urge or craving, more so a thought. It was strange. I got through the weekend without having any cigarettes. Each weekend went by and it became easier and easier. I’m now close to 4 months of being a non-smoker and I feel great. (I QUIT in November 2017.) I can also report that I didn’t swap smoking for eating, which was common for me personally with the “medical” options. I highly recommend that if you’re wanting to stop smoking, please give Mandy a call. It is an investment in your health and life.


12 weeks Mindset Coaching
EmmaBusiness Professional

I came to see you on the 6th February 2010 (it is now 25th November 2010). You gave me a second chance with life without smoking. All of my family and friends are SO proud of me thanks to you. Thank you again.

12 weeks Mindset Coaching
Kaye Somerville

Hi Mandy, I am so excited that I can tell you that I am now smoke free for almost 6 weeks! I have listened to the night time CD every night for about the first 3 weeks then I have gradually stopped using and now I only use it if I have a “bad” day which is rare now.It still pops into my head a few times a day but it comes and goes really quickly

12 weeks Mindset Coaching

Hi Mandy. I wanted to let you know that I have not had a cigarette since I saw you 5 weeks ago and I am a NON smoker for life. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to beat the dreaded cigs!! All the best

12 weeks Mindset Coaching
Christine Gilbert

I have not smoked since I walked out of your office on the 27 August 2010, almost 2 years ago now and going strong, I am delighted !!!

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Alfred R

I am 57 years old and I had been a full time smoker, about a packet a day and more on social occasions, for fifteen years. I had also smoked socially for years before that. Lately I had been concerned about losing too much weight. My eyes were also giving me trouble and the more I smoked, the harder it was to focus.

12 weeks Mindset Coaching
Gabriel Geissa

I needed to be a non-smoker who can enjoy becoming older and be healthy. I have found an amazing feeling, a place to be that makes me wonder why I ever thought cigarettes were O.K. Thank you

12 weeks Mindset Coaching

I enrolled in Mandy Napier’s QUIT program in an endeavour to stop smoking. Having smoked for more than 45 years I was somewhat skeptical as to how this program would improve my ability to quit better than numerous other (failed) attempts in the past. I am delighted to report Mandy Napier has succeeded where all others have failed and, after a one hour session I am no longer a smoker

12 weeks Mindset Coaching

It’s a week today since becoming a non smoker and I am loving it. I still think about it but I just push it aside and it goes away. Noticing small changes like not wheezing and coughing nearly as much, but the best thing is I’m proud of myself for doing it and sticking with it and so is my boyfriend and family.

12 weeks Mindset Coaching