Anxious Stuck and Procrastinating to Free and Thriving

I only worked with Mandy for a short time but in that short time, I feel I achieved so much. I needed help getting unstuck, believing in myself and boosting my self-esteem as well as letting go of negative emotions and self-sabotaging habits. Mandy’s book is full of life changing tips and strategies that I will keep forever and continue going back to. I found our one-on-one sessions to be powerful, particularly the vision tools Mandy used to help break through old habits. I felt instantly better, almost lighter and my negative self-talk that had always been there ceased and was easier to control when it did pop up. I feel like I am armed with an arsenal of tools to tackle anxiety, stress and overwhelm and I have a guideline to follow for goal setting and achieving my goals. I have always wanted to be an author, but I was too afraid to fail so never even tried. Mandy helped me find my confidence and after years of procrastinating I submitted my story to a publisher. No matter what happens, I am proud of myself for submitting my story. Instantly after I sent my story, I was overcome with many new and exciting story ideas. I am currently preparing to send a second story off and I couldn’t be happier with my new found confidence. Thank you Louise Webb

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12 weeks Mindset Coaching
Anxious Stuck and Procrastinating to Free and ThrivingLouise Webb - Teacher's Aide and Aspiring Author

TEN years of therapy and still no results until I found Mandy Napier – Mindset for Success.

I did about 10 years of standard American therapy. I suffered with imposter syndrome, feeling not good enough and being a people pleaser. I had a huge barrier and limiting beliefs around wealth and money and was hard on myself. If I didn’t get my needs met I would feel mad. I knew what I was doing but just didn’t know what to do to change. Mandy helped me create this new space, so I can respond differently now. To see progress was the most impressive part. I don’t even seem like I am the same person. You gave me simple tools that I could learn to use and I have a toolkit that I didn’t have before. I have energy left over and now I can use it to focus on the things I want to do. It’s like compound interest. It feels good and it encourages me to keep going. 3 or 4 months ago it seemed like it was impossible. I have a new lease on what I am doing toward my goal of generating some revenue and write a book. And best of all, now I can help my kids do something I wasn’t able to do until I was 50 which is awesome. It’s a completely different way of living. I encourage anybody who has shown interest in personal growth and some awareness of this material and is not making progress, to reach out to you. Chris Burcher
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12 weeks Mindset Coaching
12 weeks of Mindset Coaching beats ten years of therapyChris Burcher - Entrepreneur

STUCK and SELF-SABOTAGING to SOARING SUCCESS – Before I worked with Mandy I had a  successful 20 year career in the finance industry. However, I had just resigned from my 11th job in 10 years. I had been falling into same frustrations and the same self sabotage patterns at work and then I would leave. The most recent role lasted three months.

And the big cloud of unhappiness kept following me. I was having arguments with myself and I felt terrible all the time. It started impacting my family life. I was really angry, emotional and getting into fights with my wife and my son.

I thought that there was something wrong with me. The voices in my head were so strong. I lost a lot of confidence and felt I wasn’t good enough or worthy enough. That was really hard for me personally and professionally. When I reached out to Mandy I thought I was just looking for help seeking a change of career. Little did I realise the work we did was going to totally transform my life for the better. I’m a totally different person now. I remember one day when I didn’t have any arguments in my head all day. It was just an amazing feeling to be clear. And the relationship with my son and my wife is a lot stronger. I look back now and I wish I would have done this 10 years ago. Don’t be afraid. Don’t think about the cost or the time that it’s going to take. Just do it!
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12 weeks Mindset Coaching
Alex AtzoriAlex Atzori Customer Service Officer and Ironman


Before I came to see you I was feeling extraordinarily negative and anxious without being able to work out what was wrong. I was overwhelmed and not coping well at work even though I had been doing this job for several years and it was something I love. I couldn’t seem to find any positives in life and I felt like I was just existing. For someone who is normally in control, feeling so out of control and not knowing how to fix it was hard. I felt I should have been able to deal this on my own, but couldn’t. From the first session, I felt comfortable with you and I could open up. You asked the right questions which were helpful for me to explain to myself what was happening. So much of what you teach comes from your experiences so you know the tools work.

One of my biggest learnings was to be kind to myself and to recognise that the overwhelming emotions are not necessarily mine, just a result of past events. Now I choose to acknowledge them, use one of the tools you gave me and let them go. I feel like I have taken control back of my life again and can now move forward. It’s been a fabulous experience. Thank you so much I am very grateful. If you are feeling stuck make sure you find someone to help you like Mandy who will help you get to the root of the problem, recognise and release it and equip you with tools so you can move forward again in life.

Remember, anxiety doesn’t go away on its own. Allison

12 weeks Mindset Coaching

Fast Track to Goals. I engaged Mandy’s skills as a coach to assist in achieving life balance and wellness goals. Her knowledge and passion were remarkable and I left every session with a greater depth of clarity, focus and strategies to achieve my goals. I recommend her to anyone who would like to fast track achieving their goals – Katie Anderson, Occupational Therapist

12 weeks Mindset Coaching
Katie AndersonOccupational Therapist


I’ve been working with Mandy for six months and it’s been an amazing experience! I’ve learned a lot and we are really beginning to pick up momentum. She truly cares for her clients and goes above and beyond to meet your needs and help you with anything you need. Looking forward to the year ahead!

12 weeks Mindset Coaching
Sulaiman NiaziCustomer Success Manager at Workiva


Before I worked with Mandy I suffered from occasional panic attacks as well as general anxiety that at times overwhelmed me. This was stopping me from adapting to life’s twists and turns and reaching my full potential at work and in life. 9 years ago I went to my local GP asking for help. He prescribed anti-depression meds, Paxil, and later cognitive behavioural therapy which I did for about 1 year and then gave up because it was not making any big difference. 3 years ago I then attended a full day intensive workshop for panic attack sufferers run by a psychologist who specialised in anxiety. I learnt a lot about myself and about anxiety however still didn’t feel like I had control over the anxiety at that stage. Working with Mandy I enjoyed each session and found the home play interesting. I have learnt so much from her and am proud of what she has helped me achieve. I am more confident at work and have more time to focus on important things like spending time with family and friends. I finally now feel a lot calmer and organised and in control when intense or overwhelming situations. I feel Mandy has been able to finally unlock that part of me that has been closed up for many reasons.

P.S It has now been THREE years since we worked together (crazy how time flies) and I have not suffered any panic attacks, not even when going through the trauma of a difficult birth or the drastic changes that come with becoming a mum. It’s well known anxiety is common in early motherhood and if it weren’t for Mandy I do not believe I would have coped so well. I’m so glad I worked on changing my mindset before becoming a mum so that it’s not a part of this new journey and I don’t pass it onto my child. I would highly recommend Mandy because she is empathetic and truly passionate about helping people reach their full potential Thank you Zara

12 weeks Mindset Coaching
Zara Blackwell


When my girlfriend told me she had gone to Mandy 5 years ago to give up smoking and hadn’t touched a cigarette since I couldn’t wait to get Mandy’s details. I was going through a very hard time, depressed and struggling to cope. I often wondered if life was worth living. I was smoking 20 plus cigarettes a day, drinking heavily at night and then trying to look after my 2 boys and my sick mum. I needed help to change my habits to cope and to build my self-confidence so I could focus on a future.

When I met Mandy she provided such a safe nurturing place, she was compassionate and understanding, I felt at ease. This was something that I desperately needed while things were so hard in my life. I felt a great sense of relief, I knew Mandy could help me and my journey had started.

During the first few sessions, Mandy concentrated firstly on building my confidence and self-worth. I learnt that hating myself was ruining my life and alienating me from those who loved me. I was so grateful to have had an empathetic and educated person helping me to better understand my thoughts and feelings.

After only a couple of sessions, I started to feel better as though some weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Mandy then concentrated on building a future focus for me. This seemed quite impossible to me. Ten years ago I had a future mapped out and clear goals established but I lost all that when my husband died, so now it seemed quite daunting. Did I really have to think about the future and set goals! For so long I just put this into the too hard basket.

Mandy was so patient, supportive and encouraging. After a few attempts, I was able to write one page about how I would like to see myself in 12 months time if all the goals I set for the year had been achieved. I wrote about being a non-smoker, being in the right emotional space to meet my future partner, being fit. Totally ambitious and unattainable I thought.

Mandy set about providing the methodologies and tools she thought I required to try and achieve these goals, I didn’t want to feel unhappy anymore, I wanted to change. So without any pressure, Mandy suggested we pick a date in the future when it would be a good time to try and stop smoking. I felt sceptical, worried and nervous about whether I could do it, and even a bit scared of how Mandy went about achieving this.

The journey leading up to this date was fulfilling, rewarding and encouraging, Mandy worked on my self-esteem, confidence, my thoughts and feelings and coping mechanism.

This date came and went and now its 6 months later and I still haven’t had a cigarette, I can’t even imagine picking up a smoke now and going back to the person and lifestyle I had before.

There are no words to express my gratitude to Mandy. My life has changed incredibly, I no longer spend hours smoking and drinking on my deck, I no longer carry around the self-hate. My days are fulfilling, I have the energy and motivation to get things done, enjoy sport and I look better. My skin is glowing and my inner happiness shines through. I still have bad days like everyone but I accept these as part of life. Mandy has taught me a wealth of information to help me better cope and to be the best person I can be…ultimately to be happy.

Thank you, Mandy, for helping me in so many ways. (If you would like to talk to me or ask me any questions, I am happy to do so. I honour my privacy being a private person, so please contact Mandy who will connect you with me!)

12 weeks Mindset Coaching

Having moved country and worked in a new job I was feeling lost and frustrated, so I decided to seek help. Working with Mandy has helped me understand my core values. The techniques learnt have helped reduce my overthinking and stress. Thanks to Mandy I am now planning better and ticking off my goals.

12 weeks Mindset Coaching
Cisco Pinheiro

Before I started coaching with Mandy I was feeling stuck. I felt somewhat lost with no direction or purpose in life. I definitely didn’t feel in control of my life and I had been struggling with doing what needs to be done. So I decided to stop procrastinating and do something about it. The biggest changes I have noticed are:- I can stand up for myself more; I have a better respect for myself; my procrastination has subsided, and I am now a better action taker. I have made great progress with many of my goals. I have more confidence in myself and I like myself even more as a person. I am now kinder to myself and can see things from a new perspective. With Mandy’s help and along with her methodologies, tools and techniques, plus a sprinkling of hard work and practice, I really do want to become the best version of myself possible. I am looking forward to challenging myself, stretch, grow and even get a bit uncomfortable, as change doesn’t happen in our comfort zone! I am confident with Mandy’s assistance, coaching and support that I will achieve all of this.

12 weeks Mindset Coaching
James Kraayenbrink