Action Accelerators Club 

Are You Tired of Struggling to Complete Important Projects?

Are you:

  • A business owner, or professional who just wishes you could get more done?
  • Wondering why you don't have more discipline to focus on the important tasks in your business?
  • Struggling to complete those half-started projects?
  • No time to start working on that new goal you have been wanting to focus on?
  • Wish you could make a habit of being a consistent action taker?

WELCOME! You have come to the right place. The Club where you will fall in love with taking the right actions!  

Imagine that you are someone who easily focuses on the important tasks? That you execute and get priorities done independent of how you feel ? 

With digital distractions everywhere, and an attention span of around eight seconds, it's a constant battle to avoid being distracted by shiny and interesting objects. As an entrepreneur, leader in your business or workplace, it starts with you setting a great example. 

If you want to boost your productivity and need some space, scheduled time, accountability and a desire to accomplish more, the Action Accelerators Club is for you.


This program is ideal for you if you:

Know you need to boost your productivity and increase your completion rate.
● Need a sprinkling of accountability to help you get stuff done.
● Want more days when you feel like you have accomplished great things.
● Want to simple yet powerful strategies for keeping focused and execution high.
● Desire to create habits of excellence in action and focus.

This program is not ideal for you if you:

● Want someone to do it for you.
Aren't prepared to block out 90 minutes in your calendar each month to prioritise and invest in your business and your success. 

How Action Accelerators Club works

Each month you will block out 90 minutes in your diary and join the Club on the scheduled day. You will determine the action items to focus on. I will hold the space and time. In this safe space and time invested, you will get into action and get stuff done!
Ask questions as they come up - I am here for you.
Log your actions on a scorecard to measure progress and execution.
Send intended actions in advance to hold yourself to a higher level of accountability.
Share successes and wins to help build mind muscle and build momentum

The sessions are delivered by Zoom on the second Thursday of the month.

First session will be Thursday 11th February at 9.00am - 10.30am.

The time zone for the session is Australia (AEST). 

What Action Accelerators Club includes:

90 minute monthly virtual workshop hosted live by Mandy with accountability, space, coaching and feedback to take intentional and focused action (valued at $1,500). Session is held on the second Thursday of each month at 9am (AEDT). First session is February 11th 2012.
Send your questions in advance and have them answered by Mandy. Simply email them in by the end of the current month and they will be answered and shared prior to the next session. (Recorded so you can watch in your own time. Valued at $500.)
30 minute Action Accelerator Strategy Session to get yourself set for success. (Valued at $300)
Systems and templates to record and log your actions and progress. (Valued at $300)
Access to ARISE!The 30 day profit plan you will actually want to do (Valued at $97)  Complete with powerful tools to keep on track and avoid those dreaded viruses of distraction and procrastination.

TOTAL VALUE over $4,000 

$1,497 +GST


Pay Upfront Annual Investment and receive BONUSES

BONUS 1: Receive an extra one hour session with Mandy. (Valued at $450)

BONUS 2: Lock in the price you paid today forever. (Save $$$)

BONUS 2: Lifetime Access to Blueprint for Success Online Course (Valued at $497)

Your Facilitator:

Mandy Napier is a High Performance Mindset Expert

Mandy Napier is a Global High Performance Mindset Coach who is dedicated to supporting high achievers fulfil their potential and achieve extraordinary results professionally and personally. Transformations are the norm, and results guaranteed.

She is known for getting things done and has a determination to help you cross your own finish line. With her never, ever, ever quit on yourself attitude, she brings inspiration, passion and focus to her work. Your results are her number one priority.

Your Questions Answered

What if I can't attend a session?

This is your investment to your success and up to you to manage your schedule. I suggest you block out this time slow in your diary for the rest of the year - the second Thursday of each month at 9am (AEST). You will still be able to access the monthly Q and A to have your questions answered. You can block out this time for yourself on another day and email your results to Mandy to include on the scorecard.

What if I need to ask a question on the call?

Mandy will be there to answer your question live. If you are stuck you can message Mandy and she will answer your question. You are welcome to listen to other questions or mute yourself so you can focus on completing your actions.

How does the Q and A session work?

Simply email your question to Mandy before the end of each month and she will answer them all in a recorded session which will be available for you in the first week of the following month. If there are questions that come up a lot she may hold additional trainings for you for greater learning and indepth understanding.

Can I pay each month?

You are welcome to pay your membership on a monthly basis. The fee will be slightly higher than paying for an annual membership. The club is designed to be for a year,  because like anything, creating habits of excellence takes consistency and time to 'build' your mind muscle and re-train your brain.

How do I book my 30 minute call?

When you join the Action Accelerators Club you will be sent a link by Mandy to book your complimentary call. I suggest you wait a month or two so we can review progress and address any obstacles or challenges you may be having in becoming a consistent action taker or creating better habits.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

The Action Accelerator Club is designed to be a year long commitment. WHY? Because research has shown to lock in lasting habits it can take anything from 66 days to one year. For you to gain the greatest value and become a prolific action taker, consistency is king. You are welcome to leave after twelve months. If you are experiencing hardship or feel you aren't getting great value, please reach out and we will see how we can help.

Join Today 

BONUS: Pay upfront and receive an additional one hour one-on-one session with Mandy

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